Premier Limo KC came to me with a need for a website and logo. They were just starting the business, and didn’t have much content to work with. However, I like to start first with the logo, as it tends to get you the look and feel for the rest of the work that may be needed. For their logo, they wanted a classy and sophisticated look so I went with the chrome feel and accented it with red as a sign of power and influence. And the three lines represent the lines on the side of the limos.
In regards to the website, they didn’t have a ton of content to make start with so I suggested that we stick to a one-page site, because if not, it would be silly to have to go to a separate page for very little information. This wireframe that I started to sketch for them at our first meeting.
Below is the final logo design and mock-up of the UI design utilizing a jump-to function as well as a custom CMS.

Logo Design

Final Mock-Up:

UI Design

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