This project came to me from an acquaintance who needed a logo designed. Enzyvia is an enzyme based supplement that is given to swine to reduce fat by speeding up its energy. To represent this, I made the dot on the “i” more prominent and added a trail to represent movement of the dot or enzyme.

Logo design for an online sports store specializing in making replica apparel for amateur sports teams and fans alike.

Logo design for a hot air balloon company that traveled to various events and places like Home Depot to promote business. They like the design of the balloon in the logo so much, that they made an actual hot air balloon based off of this design.

A home inspection business that wanted to not only convey that they do inspections, but that they are also eco-friendly. They have solutions that help save you money by being more efficient all while helping the environment. Which is represented here in the logo design with the leaf coming out of the chimney.

I was tasked with designing a logo for Koehler Real Estate. They are located in northern Texas. I knew from the start that they wanted a mountain theme, so that made my job easier.

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